Creta Votanica

Oils & Herbs

Creta Votanica is a production and standardization company of aromatic plants, essential oils and olive oil based in Sitia on the north-east coast of Crete.

The purpose and concern of our company is to share with the world the taste and aromatic properties of our organic products that remind of other times.


Distillation process

The distillation we make is exclusively water vapor at atmospheric pressure. The temperature that our distiller is working on is below 100 degrees Celsius. With this production process, our goal is the excellent quality of essential oil.

Herb Cultivation

From Sitia with love

All herbs are cultivated and collected, dried naturally in our facilities so that they reach the hands of the consumer full of aromas that remind of other times.. With respect to nature and man, we apply practices of certified organic farming, packaging of herbs and production of essential oils in our own certified alembic.

You can count on ...

... our knowledge.

... our experience.

... our reliability.