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About us

We are a craftsmanship based in Agia Fotia, Sitia, aiming at processing the aromatic plants of Sitia, and highlighting the natural wealth of our land. Our associates are organic farmers and collectors of wild plants from the Sitia mountains.

We use two logos for our products "ROUSSA GI CRETAN HERBS", for our organic dried herbs and "setoija oils" after upgrading to the derivative essential oils and packaging of our olive oil.

Herbs. "Roussa land" was created by a separate group of organic farmers of aromatic medicinal plants in Sitia, Crete. The territorial and climatic conditions of eastern Crete are ideal for the cultivation and development of aromatic herbs, giving unique quality characteristics and aromas. All herbs are grown and collected, naturally dried in our plants in order to reach the hands of the consumer full of aromas reminiscent of other eras. With respect to nature as well as human, we apply organic farming practices, certified bioculture, herb packaging and the production of essential oils in our certified pulpit suitable for organic production of essential oils.

The name "SETOIJA" means "SITIA" and refers to the place name of the eastern Lassithi region which is written on the Phaistos disk SE-TO-I-JA and is written in the ancient Linear A' script. The symbol of the serpent symbolizes the power of the life cycle and was used by the ancient alchemists. It is still on 500-drachma note on the indicated handshake.



Production process


The distillation we make is exclusively water vapor at atmospheric pressure. The temperature that our distiller is working on is below 100 degrees Celsius. With this production process, our goal is the excellent quality of essential oil.


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